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Mobile Java Applications Collection Sony Ericsson

sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008 , Posted by :::..[[KaSs]]..::: at 16:31

Mobile Java Applications Collection :: 3.3 MB Para los modelos siguientes: Sony Ericsson K700, K750, W800, K600 En Total son 42 Aplicaciones:
* Converter_W800_EU.jar

* WorldClock3D_W800_EU.jar
* worldclock_3d_k600_v2_07.

* Analog Clock - the analog hours

* Battery Rebuild and Maintenance - the rapid discharging of storage battery

* Breath Training - training respiration
* Calc Modern - the moved calculator
* Calc - the simple calculator

* Countries - reference book "on the countries and the continents"

* Date to date - calculator "from the date to the date"

* File Protect 1.0 - protection is file on telephone

* Fonarik - the start of lantern for SE From

* Language 2 language - translation from Spanish into English and vice versa

* Global Time - universal time

* Hourly Event - program lets out a secret into the rumor the present hour and minute, the russkoyazychnyy interface

* IRC client - irc client for SE
* Jmap- metro -Moscow - Moscow maps of the metro and city

* Jmap-Moscow_.lite128

* Mathematics - reference book on mathematics

* Matikar rus - calculation of geometric forms (Russian version) MetroNavigator

* Kiev - the metros navigator around cities

* MetroNavigator Moscow MetroNavigator Piter Mcft Notepad - notebook

* Mcft ---Paint - editor Paint

* Mobile Codes 1.0 - program for enumerating the prefix of operator

* Mobile Lexicon - the Russian- English, English-Russian dictionary

* Moto Clock - hours NewsReader w550 - original proga from SE W550 for reading RSS
* Partner Compatibility - the compatability of partners

* Phone Manager 1.0 - the file manager

* Phone Password Base - telephone book under password Photo Blaster - the editor of photographs for K700 Secrets - the secret codes for telephones SPB Map

* Map Saint -Piterburga SysInfo 1.9.3 - the collection of information about the telephone (Russian version)

* Text Editor - text editor with the access to the file system K750, with the retention is file into the telephone or on the map of memory. Possibilities sufficiently much, supports different codings (Win-1251, Koi-8, Dos-866 and Unicode UTF.

* World Clock K500 - hours in the different belts k500 World Mate - show time in the different belts, weather, rate of changes the periodic table - electronic periodic table

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